Digital binder

Eliminate your paper Resident Binder

Securely store all resident details included in your resident binder, plus much more, in a, secure, digital format

Residents is a secure, central location to view everything related to your residents in real time and goes beyond a typical resident binder. Logbook entries, activities, clinical treatments, clinical case notes, and tasks related to each resident are displayed on their resident profile page.

digital resident binder

View Captured Resident Data

  • Personal resident information
  • Social worker
  • School information and school records
  • Parent / or guardian
  • Medical, dental and vision information
  • Electronic health records (EHR)
  • Attorney
  • Court information and upcoming hearings with accompanying documents
  • Enrollment & discharge
  • Clinical treatments – life skills, individual and group sessions
  • Clinical & case notes
  • Logbook entries
  • Activity logs
  • Tasks

Get a Comprehensive view of each Resident

In a secure, central location

Easily Identify Resident connections

View logbook entries, activity logs, tasks, clinical notes and case notes on the resident profile, a digital resident binder.

View all Resident data in one place

Each resident’s history is intelligently stored and easily accessible from the resident profile and digital resident binder.

Share your resident binder

All resident details and connected data are exportable to share digitally or print on demand, giving you the ultimate digital resident binder.

Secure and HIPAA compliant

All resident information including electronic health records and clinical notes are stored securely and HIPAA compliant.


Maintain electronic health records for each resident

Stay HIPAA compliant

Record healthcare visits, treatments and follow up appointments for each resident and attach accompanying documents provided by the healthcare provider. Maintain HIPAA compliance by controlling authorized access to resident electronic health records.

resident EHR EGC
  • Quick access to health recordsEnables quick access to client records for more coordinated and efficient care
  • Share information securelySecurely share electronic information with clinicians and medical staff
  • Transition to digital recordsEliminate paper storage of health records and stay HIPAA Compliant
  • Access records quicklyFast access to medical information during government monitoring and audit visits
  • Connect records for easier viewingConnect electronic health records to logged entries, tasks and residents securely, while limiting access to only staff that require this information to complete their job responsibilities
A productivity platform

Stay organized -
Attach important documents to Residents

Attach files, photos or links to your resident profile to eliminate misplaced documents and reduce time spent searching for documents.

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Easy integration

Attach files from apps your team already uses

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