Groups and Permissions


Control staff access on a need to know basis

Create groups for users and staff to limit accessibility of information based requirements to complete their responsibilities
groups in empower group care

A built-in administration console lets administrators to set up groups and permissions that determine the rules governing your organization. Follow best practices by using groups so you can avoid the tedium of assigning, adjusting and removing controls for individual users. To better manage security, system users can be added to multiple groups to guarantee that every group can only access information and data on a Need-to-Know basis.

Control Staff Access

Use permissions to easily control staff access to information

Quick View

Quickly view a list of staff in each group and set the group’s permissions

Multiple Group Assignment

Assign a user to multiple groups with the click of a button

Fast and Lite

Easily add users to a group when they need additional permissions and remove them when additional permissions are no longer needed

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