Digital Logbook

For all logbook types

Stay Organized

Log everything in one place

Improve efficiency with an easily searchable, secure, centralized digital logbook for all facility, staff and resident files and logbook entries by eliminating handwritten and inconsistent log entries stored in a physical binder, logbook.

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Remote Access

From Anywhere, in Real Time

Access your logbook at your facilities, home or anywhere – using a computer, phone or tablet. 

Digital Signatures

Gov't Accepted

All logbook entries are time stamped with staff’s user ID, device ID, and IP address and accepted by all government agencies.

Approval Mode

Approval Queue for Critical Tasks

Enable a queue for decision makers to approve critical tasks submitted by staff that require a higher degree of accuracy.  Connect logs to related tasks for better project management. 

Safe and Secure

For Your Peace of Mind

No longer be concerned that records can be lost, stolen or damaged. All records are stored in the cloud Safely and Securely and maintain HIPAA Compliance.


Log Everything

Improve communication and tracking

Consolidate record keeping by logging all activities and attaching important images and documents in a centralized location. Use categories and tags to accurately organize your logbook entries and improve searching records.

Advanced Filtering

Save time and resources

Significantly reduce administrators and staff time spent searching through logbook entries to pinpoint information needed for decision makers, government entities and stake holders.

Empower Administrators and Staff

Retrieve Records with custom searches in seconds rather than minutes, hours or days.

Activity Types

Examples to record

General logbook entries

  • Resident movement
  • Facility deliveries
  • Vehicle logs
  • 3rd party maintenance 
  • Room checks
  • Phone calls
  • Staff time tracking 
  • Daily staff activities and maintenance
  • Visitor access log

Staff binder entries

  • Staff compliance requirement updates
  • Staff certificates 
  • Staff training certificates
  • Staff profile changes and updates

Resident binder entries

  • Life Skills
  • Single and group Session
  • School
  • Updates to court hearings
  • Health visits and records
  • Family visits
  • Resident incidents
  • Medication log
  • Resident complaints

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