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View staff and resident schedules on your digital Calendar

The calendar is shared and allows complete transparency and communication among all staff and planned resident activities. It is important to know when residents have scheduled medical appointments, social worker visits and group sessions with clinical professionals.

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Improve team collaboration, productivity and oversight

View your team and resident schedules, expiring staff compliance requirements and tasks.


Keep staff eligible

Meet personnel regulations to keep staff eligible to work. View expiring compliance requirements on your calendar to reduce time managing staff compliance.


Improve task management

Provide visual representation of tasks by day, week and month based on your personal viewing preferences.

calendar planner

Easily identify calendar items

Quickly identify Calendar items with color coding to visually differentiate between expiring staff compliance regulations and tasks.

calendar planner

Stay on track

View staff compliance regulations, tasks, meetings and appointments on a calendar with schedule view

  • Go paperlessEliminates the need for physical calendars and white boards
  • Improve productivity Filter your calendar to view tasks and activities by staff compliance regulations, tasks, meetings and appointments related to residents, staff, tags and date range
  • Take control of your tasksProvides a complete view of all scheduled tasks and activities

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