Clinical Notes


Record clinical notes with confidence

In a secure and private environment

Clinical notes give Clinical Directors and clinicians, a private and secure area within each module to document specialized notes for the care and well-being of each resident.

clinical notes

Strategic connections

Establish clinical notes with strategic connections to residents, staff, activities and tasks.

Complete integration

Notes are integrated within logbook entries, group sessions, tasks and program activities.

Improve clinician collaboration

Effectively share critical information with your clinical team privately and securely.

Maintain HIPAA compliance

Limit access to personal information to promote HIPAA compliancy.


A complete solution


CD Notes have their own permission controls to limit staff access and to maintain HIPAA compliance. The notes are strategically integrated within the application so clinicians can easily take notes in real-time at the facility or at home.

Integration within each logbook entry provides clinicians a place to enter detailed notes for program offerings such as Life Skills, Group Sessions and Individual Progress Notes. Important files can be attached to these notes to ensure no information or data is lost during interactions.

clinical notes EGC
  • Oversee clinical service operations, social work, medical treatment and dietary requirements
  • Keep track of training and staff development services
  • Track resident activities and treatment plans in a centralized location
  • Create specific notes for organizing and overseeing programs at each facility

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