Productivity, management and compliance solution for residential facilities & group homes

Unite your data securely in the cloud

Improve resident, staff and management experiences by digitally logging and tracking data, evaluating processes, discovering patterns, and communicating insights.

What To Expect

Core Features


Digital Logbook

Eliminate handwritten and inconsistent log book entries. Log notes, activities, individual and group resident sessions, and completed staff tasks to improve efficiency with an easily searchable secure and cloud based centralized repository of all facility, staff, and resident files and records.



Improved collaboration and accountability by planning, prioritizing and assigning tasks to staff; resulting in safer more efficient operations and better client care. Automated alerts are sent to teams, across all devices, for upcoming, current and past due tasks.



Used for managing clients, residents and patients. Learned information from clients is centralized and shared in real time to enhance and improve the resident management process resulting in better resident care. Synchronized data across all devices enhances communication and accountability by providing staff with needed information at their fingertips to make better decisions more quickly.


Staff Compliance

Manage licensing regulations required by your governing agency to keep staff eligible to work and save money by reducing administrative time spent managing staff requirements to meet government contract regulations. Automated alerts notify teams of expiring licenses, certifications, continuing education, background checks and training.


On Demand Reporting

The more you know the better decisions you can make. The integrated reporting capabilities are essential for effective, efficient facility management, staff performance, and resident care. Log books and reports can be exported to PDF or Excel.



Effortlessly coordinate staff and team schedules, assigning appointments to multiple team members with ease. Supervisors and management can oversee appointments seamlessly. Whether it’s individual client meetings or group sessions, like providing care to patients at a group home, our system ensures efficient scheduling. Customize appointments with specific notes and details for thorough tracking. Integration with digital logbooks and tasks streamlines your workflow.

COVID-19 Outbreak Response Solutions

Learn about Empower Group Care’s COVID-19 outbreak response solutions


Staff Compliance Simplified

Intelligent staff compliance tools

Ensure staff and personnel stay compliant to keep your staff working and to meet government regulations and contract requirements. Free up time by significantly reducing administrative time spent managing compliance requirements.

simplify compliance

Successfully execute your quality assurance program

Empower Group Care facilitates the implementation of your Quality Assurance Program by providing the capability to monitor, evaluate and promote continuous improvement in the daily operational processes for resident care.

Define + Measure + Analyze + Improve + Control = SUCCESS

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Caring for a group is hard- any time

Especially now

Let Empower Group Care manage the details of day to day task management so you can really take care of business.

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logbook reporting

Increase Safety by Elevating Transparency

Know more, do better

Real-time reports and automatic syncing empowers clinical directors, compliance checkers, or any (verified, approved) person or agency a complete, cohesive view of the status of any resident, staff, and group care facility.

  • Resident Activities
  • Staff compliance Requirements
  • Task and Shift Reports
  • Facility Logs

Upgrade Your Approach

Documentation and Communication

Do you still use a rotary phone? Probably not because it is clearly an outdated tool- developed before today’s options had been invented (or even imagined). So why are you still using a paper logbook?

EG logbook detail page

I didn’t realize the amount of productive time that was lost when our team was dealing with important key tedious details. Now that our facility managers are freed from spending so much time overseeing our staff to complete daily tasks, they can focus on so many other things they were not getting done due to lack of time. The positive benefits of increased productivity in all parts of my day and my environment allows us to help our kids have a better opportunity for success. I will never go back to the way that we all thought was ok, with all paper records.

Gretchen Glass LewisExecutive Director

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